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While Michael Hay may have been the driving force behind the opening of HK&A, there is far more to HK&A than Michael ... and his Senior DPRK Co-Principal.

Firm Structure

HK&A comprises one foreign Principal and one North Korean (DPRK) Principal, who exercise joint authority over the operations of HK&A. Both have worked on opposite sides of the negotiating table, foreign and DPRK, for several years and during that period, developed a close understanding of their respective working styles and working roles.

HK&A's DPRK Principal is one of the nation's foremost lawyers. A graduate of the DPRK's most prestigious law school, Kim Il Sung College of Law, and very well-known throughout the DPRK, he holds several different posts within the DPRK Government, including Secretary-General, and now CHairman, of one the nation's foremost legal organs. Notably, he has also led DPRK official delegations to the economic and related negotiations between the North and various foreign governments, including the ongoing North-South Korean Governmental Level negotiations that began in 2002. In addition, HK&A's North Korean Principal, who speaks Korean and English, has traveled extensively abroad on business and governmental delegations, and has considerable experience of working with foreign law firms, and foreign arbitral bodies, including in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, France, zthe United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and various others.

A third person, from the DPRK, currently occupies the role of Director of the Accounting Arm of HK&A. HK&A anticipates eventually appointing a foreign Principal to head the Accounting Arm and is currently engaged in active discussions with foreign partners for the operation of the Foreign Accounting License.


In addition to the two Principals of HK&A, Michael Hay and his senior DPRK counterpart who have cooperated closely together for more than 10 years, HK&A has a pool of more than a dozen lawyers, all of whom are graduates of the nation's top law school, Kim Il Sung College of Law. Their experience and ranges from a matter of years to decades, and the scope of their experience is in some cases general practice, and in others highly specialized. Although at no single time is the entirye lawyer-pool present on the premises of HK&A offices, they are available to HK&A ona daily basis, and are selected for the specifics of each particular project. They therefore may work offsite from the main premises of HK&A (which has an additional annex in Pyongyang), or in HK&A's offices itself.

Accounting and Audit Services

The accounting arm of HK&A is headed by the chief of the central authority, with offices nationwide, charged with supervising accounting and auditing services. Since, so far, no foreign entity has been granted a license to providing accounting and auditing services, and HK&A is the sole foreign-invested entity authorized to provide such services.

Paralegals and Support Staff

The entire legal team of HK&A would not be complete without its dedicated support staff of paralegals, again who have qualified from the nation's top universities, and work in combination with interns. Among the numerous skils they offer are linngtuistic skills and coordinating client visitsand ddressing the various practicaltiies of a client's visit or other needs, under the directions of HK&A lawyers. Last, but not least, HK&A and its entire team, including its secretarial and technical support staff, has at its disposal spacious premises and technical equipment which are not only available to lawyers and paralegal but the vital support and secretarial staff, who work in the HK&A offices.

External Support and Advisers

Key to the activities of HK&A on occasions are the of-counsel, offsite specialists, mostly in academia and at the top law school in the country. On an as-needed basis, they may participate in internal HK&A conferences, and also may be involved in the drafting of opinion letters. Due to the highly organized nature of the DPRK society, and at the same time, the highly-separate structure of various entities that make up DPRK society (whether juridical or not, such as factories, scientific and aother bodies, ministries, etc.), any of the above personnel may at different times play differing or complementary roles on a client matter,whether it is on the legal side, the business busienss consulting side or the accouting field. Indeed, the labor-intensive nature of some of our work is one factor in choosing normally to work on fixed fee (hard or soft-capped) basis, which provides certainty to both the client and HK&A. Four further details click Fee, Costs and Disbursement Policy to read our Policy on Fees, Costs and Disbursements

When you retain HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES, you are getting the undivided attention of the very person who has the direct experience of dealing with the DPRK.  Not a "case manager", not an "associate", "trainee" or "intern".  And when you call regarding your file, you reach, if you choose, Michael Hay, not an answering service. 

Through the use of technology, and a strict emphasis on the protection of client information, HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES has deliberately adopted the approach of maintaining a lean operation, and deliberately limiting growth, which we believe is inconsistent with the confidential, personalized service it offers.

HAY, KALB & ASSOCIATES believes its reputation stands and falls on quality not quantity -- and has seen the consequences of "overtrading" in all types of industry, including the service industry.  At any given time, fewer than ten key projects are normally being handled.  By choice.




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